The clear alternative


Straighten your teeth the Invisible way with Invisalign.

Dexis dental images demo on a computer screen

The alternative to traditional braces Invisalign is twice as fast as traditional braces. It makes use of near Invisible aligners customized to your teeth to straighten without the pain and discomfort of traditional braces.

While there are many options for correcting crooked or misaligned teeth there is no other treatment like Invisalign with its high level of comfort and convenience. It has the ability to treat crowding, gaps, crossbites, underbites and overbites.

A digital rendering of how Smart Force protects teeth

Why Invisalign?

With the worlds most advanced clear aligner with over 25 years of research, 900 patents and the world’s largest 3D printing operations, you can trust Invisalign clear aligners to improve your smile.

Smart force proprietary plastic design allows the trays to move your teeth with ease and precision.

Treatment in is as little as 6 months can you help you achieve your smile faster than you might think. Your part is simple – wear the trays and the technology will do the rest.

A digital rendering of Invisalign aligners
Advantages of Invisalign:
  • They are Invisible
  • Can be removed anytime for easy cleanability
  • No sharp edges
  • Eat all the food you like to eat
  • Fewer dental appointments
A woman worried about her choice of metal braces
Disadvantages of metal braces:
  • Can’t hide all the metal
  • Require increased brushing and flossing
  • Irritate the cheeks and inflame the gums
  • Some foods are discouraged to eat
  • Twice the number of dental visits
A dark haired woman holding a model of teeth with braces on them in one hand and an Invisalign aligner in the other
I’m wearing braces. Can you tell?
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