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Root Canals

A “root canal” refers to the space that’s in the center of the tooth that contains all the blood vessels, nutrients and nerves that reside on the inside of the tooth. These structures give a tooth the ability to sense hot, cold, pressure and sometimes pain. This canal system is interconnected, and a root canal treatment involves removing the tissue that senses pain and replacing it with an inert material called Gutta Percha.

A diagram of a root canal treatment

A cavity in the tooth can be one reason that a root canal is needed. It leaves an opening to the pulp chamber and when left untreated bacteria divide and multiply causing severe pain and swelling. This severe pain and swelling could spread to other areas of the face or head and can also cause bone loss around the roots of teeth.

Teeth can also be damaged and infected from repeated dental procedures, trauma and cracks. Constant swellings, puss drainage, pressure or discoloring of teeth can all be signs that a tooth needs or may need a root canal. A visit to Blue Water Dental is the best way to assess if you might need a root canal.

A women regretting her root canal
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