Taking care of your smile means finding a Langley dentist you can trust and feel comfortable with. We strive to provide our parents, kids and seniors with the highest level of comfort and dental care when they arrive for their dentist appointment.

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Why Choose Us?

At Blue Water Dental, we offer pediatric dentistry, adult dentistry in Langley City and the surrounding areas of Brookswood, Surrey and the Langley Township area. Our dental team understands that each individual has different needs and faces different challenges when it comes to dental care. We strive to provide personalized, age-appropriate care for every patient, from children to teens, adults and seniors. This includes conscious sedation for our anxious patients.

The Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

Dr. Gurpreet Sidhu

Dr. Gurpreet Sidhu - Dentist

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Ashley Certified Dental Assistant

One Dentist for the Entire Family

It can be challenging to ensure that all family members schedule and attend their routine dental appointments. Having a Langley family dentistry practitioner means having one dentist and one clinic for the whole family. Over time, your dentist will get to know your family’s dental history and the challenges you face individually and as a family.

Having this knowledge helps us identify lifestyle, genetic and environmental factors that may be impacting your family’s dentistry and oral healthcare.

Rather than having to take your children and teens to a separate pediatric clinician in Langley for dental services, everyone can see the same provider and visit the same clinic. This means that each family member will receive the same quality care and children have the advantage of being able to visit the same dental practice throughout their lifetime.

Seeing the same dentist helps children develop trust and a positive attitude towards visiting the dentist’s office. Being familiar with your child’s past dentistry also makes it easier to detect dental problems early on by our Langley family care provider.

Highly Skilled With a Wealth of Knowledge in Dentistry

We see a broad range of patients in every age group, so you can expect our Langley dental team to be able to handle any dental services you may need including treatments like teeth whitening, composite restorations, Invisalign, porcelain veneers, root canal therapy, tooth removal and wisdom teeth extractions.

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A Langley Dental Clinic You Can Trust

At Blue Water Dental, we believe that preventative dental treatment and education work hand-in-hand to keep patients in good oral health.

Call us to book an appointment today at our Langley clinic for all your dentistry needs!  

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